All Awnings are Custom Made to Order - Current Production Time 3-5 Weeks
All Awnings are Custom Made to Order - Current Production Time 3-5 Weeks

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Awning Benefits

How to use enclosures and awnings for weather protection.

How to keep rain off of a porch?

Porch Roller Curtains will provide the protection you need to keep your porch dry and clean. These outdoor porch curtains also shield it from the harsh sun and provide a comfortable outdoor space you can enjoy during rainy or hot days. Sunbrella outdoor curtains keep the porch cool and when they are not needed they roll-up easily and out of the way. They are easy to install and give your porch instant protection to keep it dry, clean and  while protecting your outdoor furniture with certified wind loads of +70mph using the bottom tie-down anchors.

How to keep rain off porch

All of the hardware is marine grade and made to last with a warranty of 10 years. The fabric is Sunbrella is by far the best outdoor fabric on the market today. Constructed of solution-dyed acrylic, Sunbrella is warranted against fade, rot and mildew for 10 years. With over 100 colors to choose from to coordinate the curtains with your outdoor furnishings.

How to keep pollen of a porch?

Installing enclosures or curtains on your porch can be a game-changer in the battle against pollen. Our retractable enclosures and curtains are designed to block pollen particles from entering the porch area, significantly reducing the amount of pollen that accumulates. Not only do they keep your porch clean, protect you from rain, wind, sun and snow.

Keep Pollen off porch

Year-Round Enjoyment

With a retractable porch enclosure, you can make the most of your outdoor space throughout the year. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a chilly winter evening, you can relax and entertain in comfort, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors.

How to keep snow off a screen porch?

Clear vinyl roll up porch protection curtains are convenient to use and blend in seamlessly with a porch leaving them almost invisible. There’s no need to staple on cloudy plastic year after year leaving staple holes on your porch. The marine grade clear vinyl has a 20 degree cold crack factor and will last for many years. The curtains use a rope and pulley system to easily roll up when not needed and are encased in a solid color vinyl at the top to keep the clear vinyl protected when not in use.

Keep snow off porch

Keep a clear view of the outdoors while protecting your porch from snow, cold weather and frigid winds. The porch protection curtains will create another living area during the colder months while also reducing energy cost inside your home by keeping the cold air and wind off of your homes exterior walls. Using the tie-down system and side fasteners for even a more air tight fit, will keep your porch warm and the curtains have certified wind loads of +70mph.

Can I change the fabric on my retractable awning?

Changing the fabric on a retractable awning is something anyone can do. The fabric slides into tracks on the awning frame, one on the roller tube and two tracks on the front bar. The frame is not removed from the wall and remains in place while the fabric is changed. The fabric will come completely sewn with new inserts inside the pockets for the track and with a valance ready to be installed.

Can I change fabric on retractable awning?

The awning fabric cover is made with a solution dyed acrylic such as Sunbrella and Solar Pro. These fabrics are state of the art outdoor premium fabrics that will last for years and come with a 10 year warranty. The stitching is sewn with Tenara thread made by GORE and comes with a lifetime warranty so no need to worry about seams splitting.

Can I change the fabric on a Sunsetter Brand awning?

Changing the fabric on a Sunsetter brand Vista or motorized model is just like changing it on any other brand of retractable awning. Tracks on the awning roller tube and front bar are standard sizes so the insert that is sewn into the fabric pockets will slide through the tracks of the Sunsetter awning frame. Fabric comes complete with inserts and is ready to be installed. Sunbrella and Solar Pro fabrics are both available for the new fabric covers and both brands come with a 10 year warranty against fade, rot and mildew.

Can I change fabric on Sunsetter Awning?

Sunsetter XT models the roller tube is in the front of the awning rather than at the wall of the house. The fabric on these models can also be changed easily. The state of the art solution dyed acrylic fabrics, Sunbrella and Solar Pro, will guarantee your awning fabric will last for years without fade, rot or mildew.

If you know the frame size of your Sunsetter awning we have a complete list that makes it easy to order without having to measure your fabric and they are guaranteed to fit. There are over 100 colors to choose from to get the updated fresh look on your home with peace of mind that the cover will last for years.

Can I change the covers on my Window & Door Awnings?

New covers for your window and door awnings can be made to fit any size or frame style. Custom made awnings require you to send us your old awning covers for us to measure to ensure a perfect fit on your frames. Sunbrella fabric has over 100 color choices to make your awnings coordinate perfectly with your homes colors.

Can I change fabric on window awnings?

If you have purchased your awning frames from PYC Awnings, you can order online, just choose your size and color. If you are unsure of the size, contact us we will know what you need.

Windows, Doors, Fixed Frame Awnings, Pergolas and any custom design we can make custom make to your specifications. Use the contact us button for free fabric swatches or email us with any questions. We are here to help. [email protected]


Kathleen Collins
Kathleen Collins
16:11 25 May 24
I 💕 my Sunsetter... replacement fabric. Quick turn around time. It was ordered April 30 and delivered May more
Jim Hammond
Jim Hammond
17:54 15 May 24
We had a Sunsetter... awning, the fabric for which was starting to get tattered and faded. I stopped into PYC awnings and they were very helpful in both my DYI removal of the old fabric as well as in the installation of the new fabric that I ordered from them. The custom order only took a couple of weeks for them to cut and sew to the size I needed, and it turned out perfectly. I highly recommend PYC! Kudos to Jason who was a big help throughout the more
Peggy MacLauchlan
Peggy MacLauchlan
15:46 09 May 24
I was about ready to... give up on my awning that was damaged by hail several years ago. All I wanted was the damaged part cut off. After making at least 20 frustrating calls I found PYC Awnings. And along came Meagan nothing seemed a problem to her. She came, she saw and she conquered. I now have my old awning looking like new, just a little shorter. THANK YOU PYC Awnings!!!read more
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