Replacement Fabric

Replacement Fabric for Window Awnings

New Fabric for Traditional and Retractable Drop Arm Window Awnings. Replacing the fabric is easy and inexpensive to change. You can change the look of your home by simply replacing your window awning fabric. With over 100 Sunbrella Fabric colors to choose from, let your imagination be your guide.

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Drop Arm 2Home Window Awnings

Replacement Fabric for Door Awnings

Create a new entrance-way to your home with new replacement fabric for your Door Awning. With 100’s of Sunbrella Fabric colors to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect color to create that special curb appeal for your home.

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New Fabric for all Patio-Retractable Awnings

Our custom made replacement fabric for retractable awnings fits all brands of awnings. We offer Sunbrella and Solar Pro acrylic fabrics.  Both come with a 10 year warranty and the thread has a lifetime warranty – so no worries with seams splitting from sun rot.  Over 100 colors to choose from in the Sunbrella collection and 5 solid color choices in our lower cost Solar Pro fabric.

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Replacement Fabric for Awnings

New Fabric for your Sunsetter® Awning

We custom make new replacement covers to fit the Sunsetter® brand awnings. The covers are sewn and ready to be installed and come complete with a new valance. We use Acrylic Solar Pro® and Sunbrella® fabrics that comes with a 10 year warranty. The thread is Tenara®, made by GORE® and comes with a lifetime warranty so there is no worries with seams coming apart from sun rot.

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 retractable patio awnings

New Valance for Patio & Retractable Awnings

Replacing your Awning Valance is an inexpensive update to your Patio Awning that will have it looking like new again. The Valance on your Patio Awning is the first thing that will look worn and dirty since it is always exposed to the outdoor elements. There’s no need to replace all the fabric on your Patio Awning just because the exposed Valance is dirty and worn.  See how to make your Patio Awning look like new again by just replacing the Valance.

Patio Awning Valance