All Awnings are Custom Made to Order - Current Production Time 3-5 Weeks
All Awnings are Custom Made to Order - Current Production Time 3-5 Weeks

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How to Keep Pollen Off Porch

How to keep pollen off porch

How to Keep Pollen Off Your Porch: A Complete Guide

Understanding the Pollen Problem

Keeping pollen off your porch can be a nuisance. Not only does it create a mess, but it can also trigger allergies and cause discomfort. Understanding the nature of the pollen problem is the first step in effectively tackling it.

Tired of Cleaning? Install Retractable Enclosures

Installing enclosures or curtains on your porch can be a game-changer in the battle against pollen. These retractable enclosures and curtains are designed to block pollen particles from entering the porch area, significantly reducing the amount of pollen that accumulates. Not only do they keep your porch clean, protect you from rain, wind, sun and snow.

Keep Pollen off porch with curtains
Textilene Porch Curtains – Roll Up

What are Retractable Porch Enclosures?

Retractable porch enclosures, also known as screened-in porches or sunrooms, are versatile structures that provide a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space while protecting you from the elements. These enclosures typically feature retractable walls, allowing you to easily transform the space from an open-air porch to a fully enclosed room, depending on your preferences and the weather conditions.

How to Use a Retractable Porch Enclosure

Retractable porch enclosures are designed for ease of use. By simply operating the retractable walls or panels, you can quickly adapt the space to your desired level of openness or enclosure. Whether you want to bask in the sunshine or cozy up in a sheltered environment, these enclosures offer seamless flexibility.

Keep Pollen Off Porch

The Benefits of Retractable Porch Enclosures

Year-Round Enjoyment

With a retractable porch enclosure, you can make the most of your outdoor space throughout the year. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a chilly winter evening, you can relax and entertain in comfort, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors.

Protection from the Elements

Retractable porch enclosures shield you from rain, wind, insects, and excessive sun exposure. This means you can enjoy the fresh air and natural light without worrying about adverse weather conditions or pesky bugs.

Versatility and Customization

These enclosures come in various styles and configurations to suit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. From simple screens, Sunbrella fabric curtains to clear vinyl walls, there are options to create the perfect outdoor oasis for your home.

Increased Home Value

Adding a retractable porch enclosure can enhance the value of your home by expanding your living space and creating an attractive feature that appeals to potential buyers.

Clear Vinyl Enclosures

Sunbrella Outdoor Curtains

Textilene Outdoor Curtains

Retractable Insect Screens

Porch Enclosure Ideas


By implementing these strategies, you can effectively keep pollen off your porch and create a more enjoyable outdoor space for yourself and your family. Don’t let pollen take over – take proactive steps to keep your porch clean and comfortable.

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Kathleen Collins
Kathleen Collins
16:11 25 May 24
I 💕 my Sunsetter... replacement fabric. Quick turn around time. It was ordered April 30 and delivered May more
Jim Hammond
Jim Hammond
17:54 15 May 24
We had a Sunsetter... awning, the fabric for which was starting to get tattered and faded. I stopped into PYC awnings and they were very helpful in both my DYI removal of the old fabric as well as in the installation of the new fabric that I ordered from them. The custom order only took a couple of weeks for them to cut and sew to the size I needed, and it turned out perfectly. I highly recommend PYC! Kudos to Jason who was a big help throughout the more
Peggy MacLauchlan
Peggy MacLauchlan
15:46 09 May 24
I was about ready to... give up on my awning that was damaged by hail several years ago. All I wanted was the damaged part cut off. After making at least 20 frustrating calls I found PYC Awnings. And along came Meagan nothing seemed a problem to her. She came, she saw and she conquered. I now have my old awning looking like new, just a little shorter. THANK YOU PYC Awnings!!!read more
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