Awning Valance

Retractable AwningsReplace the Valance on Your Patio Awning

Need an inexpensive way to have your Patio Awning fabric looking like new again? The Valance on your Patio Awning is the first thing that will look worn and dirty since it is always exposed to the outdoor elements. There’s no need to replace all the fabric on your Patio Awning just because the exposed Valance is dirty and worn.  Read below for  tips on how to make your awning fabric look new with only the cost of  a new Valance for your Patio Awning.

Sunbrella Fabric Color Selections


Other Fabric brands available are: Para Tempotest, Outdura, Sattler & Dickson.

Tips & Tricks for making your awning look like new……..

  • Remove Awning Fabric from the Frame
  • *Click here for How To Remove & Replace Patio Awning Fabric
  • Clean & Seal the Awning Fabric
  • *We recommend 303 Cleaners and Sealers
  • Purchase New Valance
  • Allow to Dry Before Reinstalling the Fabric on the Awning Frame
  • When Reinstalling Fabric, Spin Fabric Around so that the Fabric that was on the Roller Tube is now at the Front Bar of the Awning.
  • Now you should have the Clean New Fabric that was on the Roller Tube at the Front of the Awning.
  • Install New Valance
  • Patio Awning Fabric that Looks Like New without the Expense of all New Fabric!


Order a New Patio Awning Valance Online Today or Call 800-933-6936Patio Awning Valance

Patio Awning Valance

Patio Awning Valance

Any Size Available

$12.00 Per Linear Foot


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