Sunflexx Awnings

Retractable AwningsSunflexx® Retractable Awnings are the ultimate state-of-the-art patio and deck retractable awning system on the market today. The Sunflexx significantly extends the usability of your deck or patio by providing a cool, comfortable shady area when you need it.

Sunflexx retractable awningsare found at the Marina Hotel owned by Donald Trump, Chicago White Sox Stadium and the Whitehouse! We also have retractable awnings on the mayor’s residence in Moscow. These prestigious locations speak to the high quality and appearance of our retractable awnings and these high quality retractable awnings are the same deck and patio awnings you can have at your home or business.

In the event of unexpected inclement weather, this  retractable awning system is engineered to withstand greater upward or downward pressure from wind or rain than any other retractable awning system. It is the only nationally sold retractable patio awning with a certified wind load chart. This is achieved with our highly specialized urethane compression shoulder joint which allows the arm to slowly flex as pressure increases from either direction.

Compare Sunflexx Awning Frames and see why Sunflexx Retractable Awnings are the best value and can provide many years of  shade, without any costly repairs or service. Sunflexx Awnings are built to last.

Sunflexx Retractable Awnings come standard with a hand crank. Sunflexx®’s 3:1 or 7.8:1 ratio bevel gear is the most efficient available. It retracts or extends your awning, requiring less than half the time and effort. Optional Somfy Motors are available.

Your Eastern Sunflexx Retractable Awning comes completely assembled Patio Awnings

1. Mount brackets as required – in stud or other structural member
2. Lift awning into brackets and tighten bolts
3. Adjust pitch
4. Enjoy

  • Sunbrella Fabric – 10 Year Warranty
  • Awning Frames – 15 Year Warranty
  • 6 , 8  ,10 , 12  & 14 Ft.  Projections
  • Custom Sizes up to 25 Ft. Wide
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – see Buying Information
  • Only Patio Awning with a Certified Wind Load Chart
  • Shipped in 14 Business Days – Free Shipping! (Common Carrier)
  • Sunflexx is the most Durable Retractable Available
  • Sunflexx Component Specifications

Due to increased freight cost additional shipping may apply depending on your location.

Installation – Prices – Colors – Fabric Samples

How to Measure for a Patio Awning

How to Install a Patio Awning

Sunflexx Patio Awning Prices

Somfy Motors and Optional Accessories

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Sunflexx Retractable Awnings

6 Ft. Projection

Price’s Starting @ $2689.00

Custom Widths up to 25 Ft.

Sunflexx Retractable Awnings

8 Ft. Projection

Price’s Starting @ $2837.00

Custom Widths up to 25 Ft.

Sunflexx Retractable Awnings

10 Ft. Projection

Price’s Starting @ $3159.00

Custom Widths up to 25 Ft.

Sunflexx Retractable Awnings

12 Ft. Projection

Price’s Starting @ $3492.00

Custom Widths up to 25 Ft.

Sunflexx Retractable Awnings

14 Ft. Projection

Price’s Starting @ $4014.00

Custom Widths up to 25 Ft.

Somfy Motors & Optional Accessories

Somfy Motors

At the touch of a button your interior living space expands, providing you with cool, comfortable shade under your new awning.

A weather proof remote transmitter is
included with your Somfy Motor. The motor will have a 12′ cord with a 3 prong plug.

For Awnings;
Up to 20 Ft. Wide $775.00
Over 20 Ft. Wide $825.00

Eolis 3D WireFree RTS Wind Sensor

Wireless, battery powered wind sensor that will automatically retract an awning when it detects wind generated movements.  Simply installed on the front bar of the awning and uses 2 ‘AAA’ batteries.
Wind & Rain Package
The optional Wind & Rain Package is easily engaged in a matter of seconds. It stabilizes your awning in areas where heavy winds are a problem and assists in shedding water during moderate rains. When not in use, it conveniently stores out-of-sight behind your valance, not affecting the normal operation of your Sunflexx Awning.
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Drop Valance

Protect your family and furnishing from sun with the Sunflexx® retractable Drop Valance. This shade material blocks the sun and glare without blocking your view. Available gear operated or motorized. Simply roll down over 4′ of shade screen when you need it, and roll it up into the enclosed front rail when you don’t, without blocking your view.

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Hood & End Caps

An optional protective hood with end caps protects the awning when it is in the retracted position.
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