Why Us?

PYC Awnings BBB PYC Awnings– designs all of our products with the most discriminating customer in mind. We only use materials of the highest quality available and have one of the industry’s best warranties of 10 years (non-prorated) on our window, door and porch awnings and 15 years on the Sunflexx Retractable for your patio or deck.
Other Awnings PYC Awnings
Their Frames
Steel tubing, aluminum tubing or aluminum flat bar. Lightweight, bends easier and not heavy enough to hold up to strong winds.
Our Frames
Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe. Pipe is much heavier than any steel tubing. Heavier pipe allows stronger wind loads and will last for years.
Their Guarantee
They don’t have one.
Our Guarantee
Because of the utmost pride we have in our products, we are the only company that offers a money back guarantee for our all of our custom made products
Their Thread Warranty
Polyester thread has a 3 year lifespan.
Ordinary polyester thread fiber breaks down over time due to exposure to UV sunlight, cleaning agents, saltwater and extreme weather.
Our Thread Warranty
Tenara Thread has a lifetime warranty.
GORE® TENARA® Thread is not affected by these agents, making it ideal for outdoor use. In fact, it is guaranteed to outlast the fabric in which it is used!
Their Fabric Warranty
1 to 3 Years on Fabric
Our Fabric Warranty
10 years Sunbrella (all Products)
5 Years Outdura (umbrellas only)
5 years Awntex (porch roller curtains only)
Their Frame Warranty
1 Year on Frames
Our Frame Warranty

10 Years Non-Prorated– Windows, Doors, Porch Valance

& Porch Roller Curtians

15 years on Sunflexx Patio Awning Frames

Their Continuing Services
Our Continuing Services
We offer cleaning services to keep your awning looking new. In the unlikely event there is a problem we can also do any repairs necessary.
Their Replacement Fabric
Some don’t offer replacement fabric. Only a complete awning with frames.
Our Replacement Fabric
We can replace the fabric on your awning for a fraction of the cost of a new awning.
Their Graphics
Not Available
Our Graphics
We can add graphics to any our fabric products. The Sunbrella® Graphics System puts our long-lasting fabrics to work for your business.
Sunsetter® Fabric- Their Value
Vinyl or Acrylic- 1 yr. Warranty – Prorated
Vinyl Lifespan- 5-8 Years
Customer service- Available if you purchased the awning from them.
Easy to Order? If you like the voice mail maze.Best Value = NO
Sunsetter® Fabric- Our Value
Sunbrella  or Solar Pro Fabric– 10 yr. Warranty
Sunbrella and Solar Pro Lifespan- 10-20 Years
Superior Customer Service for everyone.
Easy to Order? Yes! easy to order online, call or email.Best Value = YES!
 Other Porch Enclosure Systems & Tarps 

Light weight hardware that can’t withstand heavy winds.
  Some have third party manufacturing and no commercial locations.
Customer Service ? Some only respond to email,
or have sale representatives with little knowledge of products.
Short Warranty times.



PYC Porch Protection Curtains

PYC has made Enclosures for over 30 Years.
We manufacture our products in our Commercial location in St. Michaels, MD.
Local to Maryland?  Come visit our manufacturing facilities.
No third party- We manufacture and ship direct to consumer.
All Marine Grade Vinyl’s and Hardware.
Tie-Down System included with 3/4″ ID Galvanized Pipe to withstand winds up to 70 mph.
We are here to help- Call or Email for any questions or help with installation.
All Clear Vinyl Curtains are warranted for 5 Years, hardware has 10 Year Warranty,  and at PYC Awnings, satisfaction is always guaranteed.
Since 1987 Price’s Yacht Canvas, manufacturers of high quality PYC Awnings and other fine canvas products, has been recognized as a leader in our craft providing high quality canvas products for over 24 years. Over the years, we have won many prestigious awards including being voted as “Best Canvas Shop” by our customers several times in the Chesapeake Bay Magazine. We have also been featured in the Chesapeake Home house and garden magazine in their annual guide to industry experts, and featured in the Window and Walls magazine.
Made In USA
Most of our products are manufactured at our facilities in St. Michaels, Md. All of our products are made in the USA.
Some of our Awning Buyer’s Testimonials
“I absolutely love my awnings, and feel “naked without them. You had a 50 mph wind guarantee, but my awnings have withstood 85-90 mph with no problem at all”
S. Franken, NM
“Your product quality and construction is outstanding. The addition of your awnings added the touch of refinement to our country home. We have achieved not only summer sun control but it’s a great benefit to leave our windows open, catching the cool evening breeze without fear of a sudden rain coming through the window.”
D. Parker, IN
“PYC Awnings transformed our Victorian farmhouse to a place with charm and style – besides keeping the sun out of the upstairs during the hot summer! We receive so many complements and they were very easy to install!”
C. Clauson, IL
“As you can see, my PYC Awning is a beautiful addition to my deck. But is has also been a great help in cutting down heat and glare from the sun inside the house. My electric bill for July was $30 lower than July last year and I’m sure it’s because of the awning. In fact, it cuts down so much on glare and looks so nice that I’ve decided not to put any curtains at all on those family room windows.”
C. Nobles, AL
“My wife and I own an 85 year old house that we have had to do extensive repair and remodeling to. We have had to buy many products for every aspect of home repair. After almost every purchase of supplies, etc, we found either something missing, broken or just poor quality. With your awnings we have experienced just the opposite. All parts were included, everything fit, and they went together like a dream. It’s refreshing to know someone still cares. Thanks loads.”
K. Simmons, TX
I purchased a porch curtain this past fall but I wanted to wait until winter to post my review. I live in Erie Pennsylvania where the winters can get extreme with wind, snow and ice. This past December we received 52 inches of snow in a 48 hour period and winds between 50-60 miles and hour. This winter alone we have received over 12.5 feet of snow and we are not done yet. I am happy to say that the porch curtain that I purchased has performed amazingly and has with stood all of the extreme weather conditions. I put the curtain up to block the snow and wind on my front porch to prevent the snow from piling up in front of my door and it did just that. The curtain is top quality and is still in perfect shape. I will be purchasing another curtain for the other side of the porch soon. Thank you
Pat V., PA