Outdoor Rooms

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Outdoor Rooms

Sunbrella, furniture and awning fabric made by Glen Raven, is used throughout the 2011 Coastal Living Idea Home – East Beach, Norfolk VA. Product shots are taken by Steve Exum of exumphoto.com on August 22, 2011.

Sunbrella fabrics created to inspire consumers with elegant and practical design solutions that are relatable for any home. Kick back and enjoy your outdoor space using Sunbrella fabrics for cushions, awnings, roller shades and more.

Don’t be afraid to add stylish accents and traditional indoor furnishings to your outdoor room. Carpets, throw pillows for furniture, and other design touches will create a welcoming feel. Just make sure they’re Sunbrella fabrics if they’ll be exposed to the elements.

Check out all of Sunbrellas fabrics and ideas here….sunbrella.com


DANIEL ISLAND, SC – Sunbrella furniture and awning fabric made by Glen Raven, Inc is used throughout the 2013 Coastal Living Magazine Idea Home on Daniel Island in Charleston, S.C. Product and lifestyle photography by Steve Exum of exumphoto.com.

roller Shades



Save on Energy Bills

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Top Ways to Save on Energy Bills This Summer
Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

save energy

The Department of Energy has found that heating and cooling a home accounts for almost half of a residential energy bill. In recent years, all of us have felt the squeeze these hotter summer days have put on our wallets, but what can we do about it? At Home Improvement Leads, we know that there’s plenty you can do to help lighten your energy load, regardless of your budget.

Fans and Ceiling Fans
One of the simplest ways to start saving energy in the summer is by setting up oscillating fans or using ceiling fans to help get your cooled air moving. By doing so, your room will feel up to 4 degrees cooler than your home’s actual temperature. Be sure that your ceiling fan is switched to the summer setting and is turning in a counterclockwise direction when you look up at it so that you get the greatest benefit, and make sure to turn everything off whenever you leave the room.

Service Your HVAC
Americans spend $11 billion a year on cooling their homes, but that amount could be greatly reduced if everyone serviced their HVAC unit regularly. Though you will want to have a certified professional inspect it annually, you can keep up with seasonal checkups yourself and keep your system running efficiently for years to come. In fact, simply replacing clogged, dirty air filters with new ones will save you 5 to 15 percent on your HVAC’s energy consumption!


Install Window and Door Awnings
Unless your windows and doors have been upgraded to Energy Star approved replacements, they allow solar heat to infiltrate your home, which hikes up your home’s internal temperatures You can reduce your home’s solar heat gain by upwards of 77 percent by installing awnings over your home’s windows. Though awnings used to be made with canvas that would wear out in five years, technology has improved greatly. PYC Awnings back their fabrics with a 10 year warranty, saving you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill over the course of their lifespan.

Seal Cracks and Openings
Regardless of your home’s age, it’s likely there are cracks or openings somewhere in your home, allowing for cool air to escape and hot, humid air to seep in. Closing up these gaps can be as simple as adding weather stripping to gaps in your window frames or caulking small fractures in your home’s exterior walls. Don’t forget to thoroughly check your attic for signs of water damage and to inspect the state of your insulation. The more protected your home is from the elements, the lower your energy bill will be.

Though these tips are great for any home, consider hiring a professional to perform a home energy audit if you are looking for a thorough analysis of your home.


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Awnings are a valuable home design element that our grandparents knew all about. In the days before air conditioning, they were used to shade interiors and help keep homes cool. With the focus on sustainable design today, there’s renewed interest in the power of awnings. They block the sun from entering the house and warming it on hot days, and can be removed or retracted during the winter months when you’re craving light and warmth. Depending on the fabric you choose, they can also keep harmful UV rays from damaging your skin and fading your fabrics.

Nosey Neighbors?

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Privacy from Neighbors

Nosey Neighbors? Building walls, fences and doing expensive landscaping is one solution but can be expensive or not even feasible if you live in a condominium, town house or apartment. Even living in a home community with strict association rules can keep you closer to your neighbors than you desire.Privacy Shades

A new side shade product could be the inexpensive solution for close neighbors. Side Shades are retractable and can be up to 6 feet tall and 10 feet wide and come in many colors to compliment your living area. They can act as a fabric wall or a retractable privacy screen. Perfect for balconies, patios, decks or anywhere you need a little privacy or sun protection.

Side Shades retract back into a cassette which can be mounted on the wall or a post. Simply pull out the shade from its side cassette and hook it onto either a wall or floor-mounted post anytime you need a little seclusion , sun or wind protection or privacy from nosey neighbors.

For Product information visit our Retractable Privacy Shade page.

Privacy Side Shades

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Privacy Side Shades Coming Soon May 2016

Privacy Side ShadesThe new retractable privacy side shades are great for privacy, sun and wind. They are 70″ tall x 118″ wide. The shades will retail for a low price of $459.00. We will be giving $100.00 off of the first 50 Side Shades. Pre-Order today and save with no payment required until product is ready to ship. Just email us at sandyp@pycawnings and request a coupon code for you to receive your discount and we will contact you when it is ready to ship. No obligation to buy and no upfront payment required.

For More Information visit our product page.


Reasons for Awnings

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6 Fantastic Reasons to Invest in Awnings for Your Home

Awnings are the perfect solution if you’re looking to both protect your home and increase its curb appeal—and maybe even its value. Gone are the days when awnings were nothing more than vinyl rollout contraptions or basic wooden structures. Now it’s possible to dress your home up in the materials, styles, and designs that meet your unique needs and preferences. Modernize presents six good reasons to consider investing in awnings for your home:

Use awnings to add curb appeal while providing sun protection for comfortable afternoons spent sipping tea on the porch. Patios with awnings are the perfect outdoor environment for family get-togethers and intimate dinner parties. Whether retractable, wrought iron, or spear style, you should find it easy to implement awnings that complement your home’s current style and décor.Porch Valance

Multi-level awnings add extra space to a home and provide a grander look and feel overall. They allow for comfortable movement from one floor to another while outdoors whether it’s super sunny or rainy and windy. With wrap-around awnings, you have the opportunity to create a variety of outdoor spaces to enjoy under one roof—a candle lit dining area, a cozy barbecue space, or even an outdoor bath house are all possibilities.

Enclosing a patio or porch with the help of a sturdy awning will add square footage to your home and supply you with enough space to create a new and exciting environment to enjoy. Consider turning your enclosed porch into a home office, a guest room, or a meditation space full of plants. An enclosed awning area offers all the comforts of indoors, such as protection from mosquitoes and wind, while providing an opportunity to enjoy the fresh outdoors, beautiful sunrises, and invigorating afternoons.Roll Up Curtains

Combining an awning with a hanging shade system turns any porch, patio, or balcony into a two-in-one system. When the weather outside is nice and comfortable, the shades can be lifted for full exposure to the outdoors. During gloomy or rainy days, the shades can be partially or fully closed for protection from the elements without losing the ability to use your outdoor space.Roll Up Porch Curtains

Sun shining directly into your home through the windows can be harmful, as the UV rays can expose your skin, your flooring, and your furnishings to damage. Implementing awnings on your windows will keep the sun from shining directly in, which gives you full control over your light filtering options when combined with a set of sheer curtains or drapes.

Overall, awnings are an excellent idea whether you live off the land in a small cottage or maintain a swanky home in the suburbs of a large city. With so many styles, colors, sizes, and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find an option that meets your personal and lifestyle needs.Roller-Curtain

Outdoor Porch Valance

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Outdoor Porch ValanceOutdoor Porch Valances

Porch valances added the finishing touch to this beautiful home in Marco Island Florida.  Porch Valances by the pool area soften the hard walls and add color. Using Costa track to install these eliminates seeing hardware a creates a clean installation. The fabric has the insert sewn to the top, then simply slides through the track.

With Costa track you can slide out the old fabric and easily slide in new fabric. So anytime you want to change the look, its easy to do and with over 100 Sunbrella fabric color selections, the possibilities are endless. See our porch valance page for ordering information.

Sunbrella Valance

Awning Graphics

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Graphics for AwningsSunbrella Graphics

Awning Graphics

Make an undeniable mark.

The Sunbrella Graphics System (SGS) puts our long-lasting fabrics to work for your business.

Sunbrella Graphics can be applied to any of our awning products and Patio Umbrellas. Just send us your graphics file for a quote, and we will create attractive awnings that provide protection from the elements while delivering messages to patrons.

Sunbrella and 3M’s high-performance films lets you easily add custom designs, identity stripes and logos to your Awnings and Umbrellas. It’s a cost-effective process that allows you to create repeatable, multicolor graphics, striping and complex logo displays.

Roll-Up Porch Curtains

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Roll Up Porch Curtains Roll-Up Porch Curtains


Roll-up porch curtains can give you the peace of mind  that your porch and furnishings are protected from dirt, wind, rain and pollen.

Roll Up Curtains



When your ready to use your porch, the curtains roll up quickly and easily out of your way so you can enjoy your porch.

Our Roll-Up Porch Curtains are available in over 100 Sunbrella fabric colors, and are also available in Awntex Mesh fabric that will let some air and light through the fabric.

Roll-Up Curtains make it easy to keep your porch clean so you have more time to enjoy it with friends and family and less time cleaning. These Roll-Up curtains are low maintenance and will last for years. All of these curtains are custom made to your measurements in our facilities in St. Michaels, MD and shipped to you in 10 business days. All come with a warranty and a satisfaction guaranteed policy. Check out all the options and prices on our Porch Roller Curtain page.

No Payments for 6 Months!

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 Order Your Awnings Now and Pay Later with our Special Financing Options and Get a Head Start on the Summer Heat!

AwningsJust Select PayPal in the Shopping Cart and Sign Up with Bill Me Later.

6 months special financing on purchases of $99 or more

Offer valid on purchases made by April 30, 2014

Enjoy No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on
Bill Me Later purchases of $99 or more.

Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months.

Avoid interest charges.

  • We’ll send you reminders to let you know when your statement is available online and when payments are due.
  • You can also view your account information online at any time to stay on top of purchases and make payments.
  • Pay the amount financed for this purchase in full by the promotion expiration date on your statement.
  • Take advantage of promotional financing on multiple purchases up to your available credit line. We’ll help you keep track of when each promotional balance is due.

Your money. Your choice.

  • If you’d like to take more time to pay, interest will accumulate at an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 19.99% starting from the date of this purchase.
  • If the balance is not paid in full, the accumulated or “deferred” interest will be added to your account balance when the promotional period for this purchase expires.
  • Deferred interest amounts and expiration dates are available on your statement and online at any time – so you can stay informed along the way.

If approved, Comenity Capital Bank will extend credit to you for the amount financed to pay for your purchase. Comenity Capital Bank will also pay the merchant on your behalf for the purchase.


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