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DoorAwningAwnings have a lot of benefits that you may not even be aware of. Covering the windows in this way can reduce your energy costs from 60% to 70% and even more on west facing windows. They are useful for both homes and businesses. They can also be an attractive addition to the architecture of the home or building. Some of the styles are old fashioned and give a nostalgic look to the structure. Awnings are environmentally friendly because they reduce the energy consumption in the building. They will also reduce the amount of ultra violet rays that enter the home or business. Over 90% of all skin cancers can be prevented by reducing our exposure to the light of the sun. covering open windows can reduce your exposure to these harmful rays and greatly reduce your chances of getting skin cancer.Awnings also can be used to extend the living space of your home.

They are far less expensive than adding a sun room to the house or having a metal cover put over the deck or patio area. This is an inexpensive way to add to the shaded areas you can enjoy outdoors. Enjoying your backyard will be more pleasant during hot weather, and will be made possible during a light rain. Awnings made with Sunbrella fabric protect you from the sun or a light rain shower, further decreasing your family’s exposure to harmful ultra violet rays. They are available in over 100 designs, so you have a lot of options when it comes to the look of your outdoor areas. They are also available in tons of sizes, so you can have one for the smallest window as well as one to cover your entire patio or deck.Awnings over entrance ways is a great way to keep out the rain, sleet and snow.

Opening the door lock and coming inside will be a lot easier with a little cover when it is nasty outside. It will also help you keep the mat by the entrance way clean so that feet can be thoroughly wiped off before people come in the house. This helps you keep your carpets clean or keep the hardwood floors protected from harmful wet spots and moisture.Awnings are an attractive outdoor decoration in addition to being environmentally friendly and huge energy savers. A dull exterior on your home can be livened and brightened by the addition of Awnings over the windows and your front door ways. There are colors available to match, compliment or contrast with any color paint, brick or siding.

The styles are appropriate for almost any type of architecture that your home has. Awnings are found readily that are cheap, but these will not last very long. A quality made piece with sturdy poles and fabric will last for a long time. When the time comes for it to be replaced, that can be done with the highest quality of fabric as well.Awnings are available online. They are easy to install for do it yourself home owners. In just a few hours you can change the entire look of your home or business. Or, you can add an entirely new living area to your back yard in even less time.

Interior Awnings

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Interior AwningsInterior Awnings Coming Soon!


There’s many ways to create a fun and beautiful room with interior awnings over your windows or doorways.

Indoor Awnings can create the feeling of an Italian Cafe’ or French Bistro inside your kitchen.

A bedroom for your child can become a fun exciting place. Below is a Paris inspired bedroom with indoor awnings creating an outdoor feeling of traveling through Paris.

In any room, interior awnings can help create a unique themed room for your home.

We will be offering interior awnings online soon! We will make them with your fabric, or you will be able to buy a DIY Kit with all hardware and sewing instructions.

If you would like to be notified when they are available, please email and we will also send a coupon for you to use on your first interior awning order! Offer Ends June 25, 2013


Childs Paris Bedroom bedroom

bedroom design by chicago interior designer LMR Designs, LL

Window Awnings

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Window AwningsWindow Awnings

As window awnings become increasingly more popular for both for their environmentally friendly function and their amazing style, many people are  buying window awnings for their homes and businesses. But, if you have not gone through this process before, it can be complicated to decide where to start. Some of the best looking houses on the block are those with awnings. While window awnings have been popular for many years, the growing cost of energy has made them even more popular. Obviously, in addition to helping decrease monthly energy bills,  window awnings also increase beauty and style of a house. Select a color, design, or style that increases the house and you will be impressed by the transformation.

Browse our pages and see how easy and inexpensive it is to transform the exterior of your home with window awnings.

houzz interior design ideas

Sunbrella Window Awnings

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Window Awnings

The direction your windows are facing is one of the things to consider when choosing which style of window awning will protect your home from the sun and save you the most on energy cost.
Window Awnings with Sides

South Facing Windows –Solar heat gain can be reduced by 65% on south facing windows. It is easy to protect south-facing windows with an awning without sides for all sunlight but the lowest winter sun. In hot climates, however, it might be best to make the awning wide enough or install awnings with sides to block the midday winter sun year round.

North Facing Windows– North-facing windows can be protected with awnings without sides too, since the only time the sun impinges on them is early in the morning or late in the afternoon in summer.

Window Awnings without Sides

East & West Facing Windows– Solar Heat gain and glare from direct sun entry can be reduced as much as 77% by adding window awnings with sides to east and west facing windows on your home. In the middle of the morning and afternoon the sun can be low enough in the skies that in can come underneath of the awning if the awning does not have sides. Awnings with sides provide the best sun protection for east and west facing windows.

Sunbrella Fabric Selections

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Sunbrella is the leading brand in outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella has a ten year warranty on their fabrics and we matched it by adding a 10 year warranty to our frames. We only use materials of the highest quality and have backed our products with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Choose from over 100 Sunbrella Fabric Colors

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Spear Window Awnings

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Add some curb appeal and save money!

We’ve just added our Spear Awnings to our website. You can find them under Our Products/Window Awnings. Our Spear Awnings are made with Sunbrella Fabric and real wrought iron and steel frames. Our Spear Awnings are the only ones you’ll find that are retractable and have a ten year warranty. Our Spear Awnings are also inexpensive and so easy to install.

Installing window awnings can cut your cooling energy cost up to 25%. With window awnings you can add style to your home and significantly reduce your cooling bills by absorbing solar heat before it contacts your windows.

Awning Saves Baby

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A 15-month-old baby girl survived a fall from a seventh-floor apartment in Paris almost unscathed after bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a passer-by, police said on Tuesday.

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So many choices!

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Have an awning? Just need new fabric?

We can help! Save money and just replace the fabric.

Sunbrella has over 100 colors to choose from.

Sunbrella Fabric Selections

Lazy Days

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Awnings with Somfy Motors

Having this motor on my awning just might make me lazy on a Sunday afternoon, but sometimes I deserve to be lazy.