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Which side fasteners should I use on Roll Up Curtains?
Common Sense are used only where you can overlap a post or wall by at least 2″ to install the studs for the fasteners. The eyelets for the fasteners will come installed on the sides of the curtain. Hook & Bungees are used where you can not overlap a post or wall. Hook and bungees can be used with or without overlap with options for use without using the hooks. The grommets will come installed on the sides of the curtain. See Diagram

Should I mount my curtains on the inside or outside of my porch?
Inside Mounting allows you to roll up the curtains from the inside of your porch. If mounted at least 8″ up on a header beam the curtains will not be seen from the outside when they are rolled up. Outside Mounting will be more water proof. When the rain hits the curtains, the water will roll down on the outside rather than the inside keeping your porch dry. See Photo

How do the Tie-Downs work?
Our Tie-Down system is designed to allow our curtains to withstand heavy winds. There will be half-moon cut outs in the bottom of the fabric to expose the galvanized pipe. The tie-downs will include a footman loop with a webbing strap and buckle. You will install the footman loop on the floor or knee wall. The webbing strap will go around the pipe and footman loop and cinch tight with the buckle. Pulling taut on the pipe with the strap will keep tension across the entire curtain keeping the bottom galvanized pipe secure during winds. See Photo

Do I need the Tie-downs and Side Fasteners?
Tie-downs are needed for wind. Side fasteners are optional but will keep the sides of the curtains from billowing during heavy winds.

Will the footman loops cause a tripping hazard?
Footman loops will cause a tripping hazard for areas you will walk through when the curtains are rolled up. We offer side tie-downs when needed and other options for flush mount tie-downs. See Options

Why do we frame our clear curtains in a solid color vinyl?
Using a solid color vinyl around the clear vinyl not only looks better but is a much stronger curtain for heavy winds. We custom design each curtain to look good in any space. See Design Options

How do I measure for my curtains?
Our goal is to provide exceptional products with personal service and designs to help you get the best possible fit and design for your awnings. Our creative team can help you through the process of measuring and designs to walking you through installation if needed. We offer Guaranteed Fit Insurance and DIY Instructions for measuring with assistance if needed. Get Started Here!

Will there be a gap on the bottom of my curtain to the floor for the tie-downs?
There will not be a gap on the bottom. The galvanized pipe is 2″ off the floor with a 2″ flap below the pipe to close the gap. The galvanized pipe will keep tension on the curtain and using the tie-downs around the pipe will allow the curtains to with-stand wind loads of 70mph.


Dana Gerling
Dana Gerling
19:49 26 Apr 22
We have had a Sunsetter... awning on our back patio for several years now. When it came time to replace the fabric, I couldn’t find a local company to help us. I found PYC on a Google search and decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed! They had several fabric options and I ordered a few samples. One of them matched the cushion covers on my patio furniture perfectly! I called with questions and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The awning came quicker than expected and my husband and I installed it ourselves. We are extremely pleased with the results and wish we would have done this a couple of years ago. I would absolutely recommend this company!read more
l r
l r
13:11 09 Aug 21
we recently added a... screened in porch and of course we have had so much rain we decided to add the clear roll down curtains to prevent rain from coming on to the porch. PYC Awnings was great to deal with. Sandy was wonderful with going over measurements and pictures. the product shopped fairly quick and was well packaged with each window labeled along with the parts for each individual window. My husband installed himself, and was able to get help with a quick call to Sandy. Very satisfied with the quality of the material and parts. it is nice to sit on the porch when its more
Abby Price
Abby Price
01:23 09 Jul 21
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