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DIY Porch Enclosure

DIY-Porch-EnclosuresStep Nine – Measuring for a Vertical Design  

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9. Choose the Vertical Design Form with the appropriate number of center posts.

DIY Porch Enclosure












  • Measure from the side you will install the curtains.(Inside or Outside)
  • Label Curtains on the forms.
  • Your curtains will come with the same label for ease of finding curtain locations while installing.

Example and instructions of a typical layout for a Vertical Design.

1. Measure total width of curtain.

2. Measure total height from where you will mount the top of the headrod clamp to the floor or where you want the curtain to stop on knee wall etc.

3. Measure width and height of openings. Subtract 1″ off heights and widths. Enter these numbers on the form.

  •  Tip- Subtracting 1/2″ off perimeter of opening will insure the clear vinyl will not land on posts/walls.

4. Measure all center posts. Add 1″ to the width and enter on form.

  • Tip- Adding 1″ to the widths, keeps the clear vinyl centered over the openings and adds back in the deduction in opening sizes in #3.

5.  On your form, subtract all openings and center post from the Total Width. Divide by 2- This will be the size of your side strips.

  • Tip- You can make the side strips larger if preferred. If choosing to make the sides larger,  you must subtract from the clear vinyl on left and right sides.

6. The sides, posts and clear vinyl widths must equal the Total Width.

7. On your form, subtract the Clear Vinyl Height  from the Total Height. Divide by 2 – This will be the size of the top and bottom fabric.

  • Tips –
  • Check the minimums below and adjust the top, bottom and clear vinyl height if needed.
  • Make the heights large enough to come over the top and bottom of the openings for full coverage.

8. The total heights on the center of the form must equal the Total Height.

9. Choose Side Fasteners.

Temporary Porch Enclosures



Minimums –

Top Fabric Height 5”

* Tip- If you make the top height 10” or more the clear vinyl will be encased when you roll up the curtain. This will look better and protect the clear when rolled up.

Bottom Fabric 8”

Vertical Center Strips 3″

Side Fabric – 3″

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Dana Gerling
Dana Gerling
19:49 26 Apr 22
We have had a Sunsetter... awning on our back patio for several years now. When it came time to replace the fabric, I couldn’t find a local company to help us. I found PYC on a Google search and decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed! They had several fabric options and I ordered a few samples. One of them matched the cushion covers on my patio furniture perfectly! I called with questions and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The awning came quicker than expected and my husband and I installed it ourselves. We are extremely pleased with the results and wish we would have done this a couple of years ago. I would absolutely recommend this company!read more
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l r
13:11 09 Aug 21
we recently added a... screened in porch and of course we have had so much rain we decided to add the clear roll down curtains to prevent rain from coming on to the porch. PYC Awnings was great to deal with. Sandy was wonderful with going over measurements and pictures. the product shopped fairly quick and was well packaged with each window labeled along with the parts for each individual window. My husband installed himself, and was able to get help with a quick call to Sandy. Very satisfied with the quality of the material and parts. it is nice to sit on the porch when its more
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Abby Price
01:23 09 Jul 21
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