Spear Window Awnings

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Add some curb appeal and save money!

We’ve just added our Spear Awnings to our website. You can find them under Our Products/Window Awnings. Our Spear Awnings are made with Sunbrella Fabric and real wrought iron and steel frames. Our Spear Awnings are the only ones you’ll find that are retractable and have a ten year warranty. Our Spear Awnings are also inexpensive and so easy to install.

Installing window awnings can cut your cooling energy cost up to 25%. With window awnings you can add style to your home and significantly reduce your cooling bills by absorbing solar heat before it contacts your windows.

Spear Awnings Coming Soon!

July 1, 2011 by  
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We searched high and low to find just the perfect frames for our Spear Awnings.

Unlike other awning companies that sell Spear Awnings with the “look” of

wrought iron, we have designed our Spear Awnings using Real Wrought Iron

and Steel. The kind you would find on the most impressive custom built

wrought iron fencing and gates. They will be up on our site asap. If you would like

a quote now,  just email or give us a call.

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