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All Awnings are Custom Made to Order - Current Production Time 3 Weeks

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Install a Retractable Awning

by Posted on May 15, 2013

How To Install a Retractable Awning on Vinyl Siding

19 thoughts on “Install a Retractable Awning

  1. Mike Brown says:

    Looking to install a 12 x 10 retractable awning off the back of my house to cover half of my deck (10ft wide). Your video was fantastic as we have the old aluminum siding with the old wood siding behind it (trying to find the studs is going to be a pain). You gave me a great idea of the “test holes underneath the lip of the siding”. Not a easy install. Is there a way I can upload photos to show the install? Might help someone else out. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Sandy Price says:

      Sure please send the photos to [email protected] and I will post them on our blog. Thanks!

  2. Guzman Erramuspe says:

    I’m planning to install a 13′ x 10′ awning in my patio.
    My Question is : How much the high reduce fro the wall to the end when it is open.
    For example I thinking to set the awning at 8′ high but I’m worry about how high will be at the end wht it is totally open.

    1. Sandy Price says:


      The awning will be 12″ lower than the height you install it on the wall. However, they do have an adjustment to change the pitch if needed.

      Sandy Price

  3. Murray Whitney says:

    Im installing an awning in vinyl siding. Are your backing plates made of pot metal or something strong enough to hold a 14 foot awning? Where can I purchase them?

  4. Dimitri Bacasa says:

    Where do you get the mounting brackets and how many do you need for a 12′ awning?
    Thanks, Dimitri

    1. Sandy Price says:

      Hi Dimitri-

      All the brackets you will need comes with the awnings. -Sandy

  5. Rob M says:

    where do you get the decorative plates that go between brackets and the siding? and do they fit sunflexx brackets?

    1. Sandy Price says:

      Hi Rob- You can get them at your local hardware store such as Lowes or Home Depot.

  6. Ed says:

    Hi, what if awning lenght do not fall over studs. How can I securet the brackets for the weight.

    1. Sandy Price says:

      Hi Ed-
      Please send photos to [email protected] and he will make recommendations.

  7. Richard says:

    Will the vinyl siding blocks support a 16 x 12 retractable awning. I’m afraid that they may give slightly when extended and cause the awning to drop down at the outer edge when fully extended.

    1. Sandy Price says:

      The vinyl blocks are decorative. You will need to cut the siding and install in a framing member for strength.

  8. Chris says:

    Hello, I have a 16 foot awning that will have 4 brackets. Are these mounting blocks sturdy enough to hold a 16 food awning lagged into studs?

    1. Sandy Price says:

      The mounting blocks are just a decorative cover if you need to cut away the siding. The brackets must be mounted on a framing member to hold the weight of the awning.

  9. David J Sanders says:

    Have a 10′ awning ready to install but the mount assembly has directions for cement wall not wood. Is it ok to mount to studs? It’s fairly heavy and I am concerned.

    1. Sandy Price says:

      David- Each brand of retractable has different instructions but usually the only thing that will change between wood and masonry is the type of lag bolts used.

  10. Lee says:

    I have a 20′ awning, will it hold with just 4 brackets on siding wall in the studs?

    1. Sandy Price says:

      Our Sunflexx 20′ wide awning also uses 4 brackets for mounting. As long as they are secured in a framing member they will hold the awning.

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