Pack & Play Toddler Bed

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Pack & Play Toddler BedRe-purpose your babies Pack & Play into a beautiful toddler bed. The possibilities are endless with fabrics and trims. You can use new fabric, old sheets, blankets or whatever you have on hand to create a bed, sitting area or play fort for your child. Here are some simple instructions and ideas for a toddler bed I made for my beautiful granddaughter Harper Dawn.

                                (click on images to enlarge)

 Drill holes in each corner.          Re-purpose Pack and Play
Use a flexible tube to create support for a canopy. pack and play toddler bed
 Install the tubes in the holes diagonally and make a template for the top canopy.  Make toddler bed with pack and play
 Cut the fabric and sew the seams.  repurpose pack and play
 Sew in ties at the corners and on the top.  repurpose pack and play
 Make a skirt and clip on the bottom on the corners.  repurpose pack and play
 Make curtains and clip over the sides under canopy.  repurpose pack and play
 Add trim, bow and tie back curtains. repurpose pack and play



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