Roll-Up Porch Curtains

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Roll Up Porch Curtains Roll-Up Porch Curtains


Roll-up porch curtains can give you the peace of mind  that your porch and furnishings are protected from dirt, wind, rain and pollen.

Roll Up Curtains



When your ready to use your porch, the curtains roll up quickly and easily out of your way so you can enjoy your porch.

Our Roll-Up Porch Curtains are available in over 100 Sunbrella fabric colors, and are also available in Awntex Mesh fabric that will let some air and light through the fabric.

Roll-Up Curtains make it easy to keep your porch clean so you have more time to enjoy it with friends and family and less time cleaning. These Roll-Up curtains are low maintenance and will last for years. All of these curtains are custom made to your measurements in our facilities in St. Michaels, MD and shipped to you in 10 business days. All come with a warranty and a satisfaction guaranteed policy. Check out all the options and prices on our Porch Roller Curtain page.


10 Comments on "Roll-Up Porch Curtains"

  1. fred kuyt on Sun, 14th Jun 2015 2:38 am 

    I am looking for a roll up exterior mounted porch curtain, 12 foot wide and 8 foot long (drop length) made of clear marine vinyl 20 mil with the “true brown” Sunbrella edge, preferably using the manual crank rolling mechanism that fastens on the inferior edge with twist lock connectors.
    We living in Santa Barbara California 93108. Please let us know if you will make this for us, shipping costs and any other details required.

    Looking forward to your response.

  2. Sandy Price on Tue, 16th Jun 2015 11:04 am 

    Hi Fred,

    Ours have the basic rope and pulley system, not the roller tube with crank. A 12′ X 8′ is $550.00 with the Weblon, Sunbrella is a 20% upcharge.

    Thanks- Sandy

  3. Barbara Sherwood on Mon, 5th Jun 2017 10:24 am 

    Hi, I did an online order of hardware this morning and have not gotten a confirmation email yet. I tried to check the order but there does not seem to be a way to check online.

  4. Sandy Price on Mon, 5th Jun 2017 3:21 pm 

    Hi Barbara- You will get one soon, either today or tomorrow morning. Thanks

  5. John on Wed, 7th Jun 2017 8:40 am 

    On a 12 foot wides 9 foot high awning, what is the spacing of bunge cord tie downs? Both vertical and horizontal.

  6. Sandy Price on Thu, 8th Jun 2017 5:24 pm 

    Hi John-

    The fasteners are only on the vertical side. Depending on your height the grommets for the bungees are spaced about 15″ apart. – Sandy

  7. Ed Marler on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 4:10 pm 

    Had your screen when we lived in Fla. Years ago. We have a covered porch and need something to keep the rain off carpet and /or porch furniture. We would need a10X10 dark blue/slate for starters. Maybe 2 sides of the porch. I’ll have to measure the other side later and let you know. Do you sell fabric only? any returns or discontinued material. How’s about senior discounts. Just thought I would ask. thanks Ed

  8. Sandy Price on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 10:22 am 

    Hi Ed-

    If you would like to send a photo I can assist with the measurements needed. I was looking for your last order and couldn’t find it, could it be under a different name than Marler? – Sandy

  9. Lisa Ryder on Sun, 1st Oct 2017 9:16 pm 

    looking for heavy duty canvas roll up shades to mount on the outside of the screened porch. Help to prevent water, sand and dirt from coming in onto the porch. screen panels measure 42w x 100″L.
    2 shades with measurements of 84W X 100L would be perfect. Desire Marine fasteners or what ever is best for coastal protection.

  10. Sandy Price on Tue, 3rd Oct 2017 11:57 am 

    Hi Lisa-

    I will email you a price quote. Thanks! Sandy

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