Porch Awnings

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If you need to sell your home, you know that you have some tough competition no matter where you live and size or style of your home. There are probably many new houses, townhouses, condominiums, and other types of homes within your immediate area that are all also up for sale. This means you need every advantage you can get, and even something as small as porch awnings can help in this regard.

How do porch awnings help to sell a home? Does this mean all types and styles, and when you’re ready to make a purchase of one, is there anything you should keep in mind if your house will be up for sale? Often metal porch awnings need to be updated, cleaned, and even painted if someone wants to sell their home, if these are not in good shape. But for homes that do not have these coverings, it’s important to think about the type you purchase and why they’re so important.

Here are some quick considerations for anyone with their home on the market as to why porch awnings can help to sell that home.

Outside space sells.

When you are selling a home, the more space it has, the more likely it is to sell. Outside spaces count as well! Porches, decks, and these areas can seem like extended living spaces, if they’re presented properly. Without porch awnings, those spaces can get hot and uncomfortable and be very unwelcoming. However, if they have a nice covering you can set up a table and other furniture no matter the time of year you sell your home. By covering them with porch awnings you make prospective homebuyers imagine themselves sitting out with coffee or a book or just enjoying themselves while the children play in the backyard.

Good porch awnings provide shade and comfort, and this means a person or family can sit out all hours of the day. Many are concerned with the safety of sun exposure and so may not appreciate a deck or area that is not covered by porch awnings of one sort or another. This makes them vital to the sale of your home.

What to choose.

It is important to remember that when you are selling your home, you want to keep things neutral so that you appeal to the widest range of homebuyers. This includes when you shop for porch awnings. You may like the look of wide, bold stripes, but for putting a home on the real estate market, think of more neutral shades and designs. There are many porch awnings that are neutral yet attractive, and so these may be a better choice for you.

It may also be worth it to consider automated porch awnings as these are preferred by homebuyers; they’re easier to use and can be opened at a moment’s notice for those sudden downpours! Keep these thoughts in mind if you have a home on the market and want to showcase your outside space.

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Patio Umbrellas

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Most people who purchase picnic tables for their deck or patio find that they already come with patio umbrellas attached. This can make eating more enjoyable and safer, as overexposure to the sun can cause burns and a host of other skin problems.Patio-Umbrella-Graphics

In some cases you may need new patio umbrellas to replace one that has been damaged in some way, or you may want something new for your outside area. You may also want something that is portable so that you can move it around as necessary or take it to the beach or nearby park. This can mean enjoying the outdoors all the more. If you do a lot of entertaining, you may also want a few patio umbrellas so that all your guests can get shade if they so desire and everyone is comfortable.

How do you find the right patio umbrellas for your outdoor needs? What makes ones superior to another, and how do you know if you’re getting the best deal? Here are some quick tips to remember before you shop.

Know the options available.

Where and how will you use your patio umbrellas? Some are meant to replace those that go in the middle of deck tables, but others have clamps that are meant to be used on deck railings. Still others are free standing and have a heavy base. It’s good to think about their use and how you’ll want to keep them when outside. You also need to think about the approximate size you want. If you simply want a few patio umbrellas for added shade for guests, those smaller ones that clamp to the deck rail may work.

However, if you want to take your patio umbrellas to different areas of the outdoors then you will probably want the free standing models and varieties. For seating areas that include benches and tables, you’ll want the largest size available so that everyone gets needed shade from those patio umbrellas. Take measurements if necessary so you know what to choose.

It may be best to shop online for patio umbrellas so that you can compare different varieties before you make a decision. If you just shop at your local home improvement store or retailer, you won’t see a large variety of sizes and models and so you don’t know if you’re getting the best, or are getting the best deal. Comparing patio umbrellas online means being able to choose the ones that will work well for you and that are affordable.

Remember when you do compare prices that you want to know you’re comparing the same elements, meaning the same materials, sizes, and so on. This is the only way to know if you’re getting the right price comparisons on patio umbrellas. Some are more expensive because of better materials or other elements, so note this when you compare. It may be worth a few extra dollars to buy the better patio umbrellas for your outside area.

Patio Covers

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Patio awnings are a fantastic practical but decorative feature to add to your house or commercial property. PYC Awnings can adorn your house with custom made awnings to fit any size of wall or patio. Their patio awnings not only look good but they provide great cover from theRetractable Awnings elements, be it during a strong shower or the heat of the midday sun.

It is so nice to be able to enjoy a nice lunch out on the patio or entertain friends and family, but Mother Nature isn’t always so accommodating. Even with the threat of showers though, breakfast, lunch and dinner can still be enjoyed under the shelter of patio awnings. They also provide excellent relief from the sun on a particularly hot day if required.

For example you might have invited friends around for a barbeque but on the day itself the weather is showery. You can still have the barbeque under the shelter of the patio awning without having to worry about rushing food back into the house to stop it getting wet.

The same is true of corporate events where patio awnings can ensure clients will enjoy your hospitality with no fear of the rain or the heat of the sun spoiling the occasion. In fact patio awnings are a great addition to the outside of a restaurant or hotel, where guests can dine outside and enjoy the views come rain or shine.

Retractable patio awnings provide a very cost effective way of shading a deck or patio in the back yard. Some customers are keen to install awnings as just an ornate feature for the house. However, retractable patio awnings can essentially provide a more affordable way to expand your outdoor living space.

In effect a patio awning can offer you an additional room to your house or commercial property. Not only that, but this option is considerably cheaper than adding a conservatory or another permanent construction to the building. It is quick and easy to install and will not involve the inconvenience of several days or weeks of building work.

Good patio awnings also accentuate the features of the building and can help beautify the outside of the property. Various different colors can be chosen to help achieve this improvement to the look of the house, restaurant or store. In fact the colors of patio awnings also serve different purposes. For example bright colored awnings will bring an additional feeling of warmth, whilst blue striped canvases might be better for a shaded environment.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, patio awnings are very easy to use with the option of having a motorized system or a more conventional hand crank. Either way, you can respond quickly to the changing weather by rolling out your awning or retracting it to enjoy the benefits of the sun. Choosing retractable patio awnings as opposed to permanent fixed ones will stop the canvass being damaged during inclement weather. It’s a simple way to enjoy the outdoor life for as much of the year as possible.

Home Awnings

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There are many ways that we can improve the look of the interior of our properties, but a great way to make the outside look better is with home awnings. There are many ways to achieve this as you can adorn the front door, garage doors or even the back yard with some lovely home awnings. Not only do you get a great look, but home awnings are incredibly useful and cost effective too.Window Awnings

Good awnings attached over the front door will make your home seem very welcoming to your visitors. They also make a statement about you as well as you can choose many different styles and colors. Some may prefer to go for an understated lighter shade of fabric to give a cooler feel, whereas bright, vibrant colors will be warm and inviting. Home awnings will also protect your windows, front door, patio doors or garage doors from the severity of the weather, be it heavy winds and rain or strong sunshine.

It maybe though that you want home awnings installed to protect you and your family from the weather. Patio or deck awnings are a fantastic asset to have and make it seem like you have an additional room at the back of the house. This affect is created without the great expense and aggravation of building an extension or conservatory onto your property.

Home awnings provide you with a sense of a great well being as you can spend more time outside. Doesn’t it just feel great to be able to sit on the patio whilst enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just a quiet drink after a hard day at work? You can do this knowing that your home awnings will protect you from the risk of showers or shade you from the intense heat of a summer’s day.

When looking at home awnings you can choose widths and projections of many sizes as well as many different colored fabrics. It is also possible to have a motorized model that you can operate with just the click of a switch. These have the added feature of reverting to being hand operated in case of power failure. Alternatively the standard hand operated home awnings are equally easy to use with a crank lever.

PYC Awnings offer a wide range of products of excellent value and quality. These include door, window and patio/deck awnings as well as roller curtains and patio umbrellas. The frames are made from steel pipe that is much heavier than any steel tubing making them more durable in strong winds. A money back guarantee is provided on all custom made products.


Fabric Awnings

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When it comes to giving your home, store or restaurant a fantastic welcoming look, you cannot beat quality fabric awnings. Fabric awnings come in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes and not only look good but also provide fantastic practical use as well. So what makes fabric awnings more appealing than say the long lasting metals ones?

From a practical standpoint there is no doubt that an aluminum awning will serve you well, but let’s be honest they are not quite so pleasing on the eye. A good quality fabric will after all still last a good ten years, if not more and gives your home or business a great look. Not only that they can very easily be replaced.

The concept of using awnings has been around for a very long time when people used wooden mats to protect their market stalls and homes from the sun. Linen fabrics were then later used to decorate theaters with the help of poles and beams. The concept has evolved over the years so that now we have the choice of different fabric awnings and a far wider range of colors.Window-Awnings-for-Business

A good quality awning will help protect your property, patio or deck from the elements. More importantly with fabric awnings you can enjoy the outdoor life whatever the weather. It is so nice to come home from a long day at work and enjoy a cold glass of beer on the patio, knowing that even it does start raining you can stay outside.

That said it is important that your fabric awnings are purchased and installed with a good quality material that is waterproof, and where the color will not run or fade in the sun. Another advantage of using fabric over other materials such as aluminum, fiberglass or polyesters is that it is much cheaper. They are also much easier and quicker to install than other materials.

Another helpful thing that fabric awnings offer is that the material can easily be removed if it is necessary. For example if you are anticipating extremely strong winds or even hurricanes, it is easy to detach the material to avoid damage. Of course this is also helpful if you are looking to change the style of your fabric awnings.

Changing the style of your fabric is much easier and cheaper than replacing the whole awning. So if you move into a new home and find the existing fabric distasteful or just fancy a change of color it is easy to do. PYC Awnings can help in this regard with a great selection of replacement fabrics for awnings. The fabric awnings have a 10-year guarantee and any cover can be custom made.

So if you are looking to improve the look of your front door or windows or perhaps need a suitable cover for the patio, then fabric awnings are the answer. They provide a much cheaper and easier way to protect your property from the elements.

Door Awnings

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Door awnings are a fantastic way to make your house seem incredibly welcoming for your guests. However, door awnings are not just decorative features as they serve a very practical purpose too. After all, the front of your home or business can be very exposed to the weather and therefore door awnings provide great protection from the sun and the rain.

The most popular types of awnings are generally canvas or metal. However, there is no doubt that canvas door awnings are far more aesthetically pleasing than the metal equivalents and as such more popular with home owners. You can also find a great range of colors with canvas awnings that will suit the style of the property or the taste of the home owner.

Shop owners are also keen to have door awningsDoor Awnings as a welcoming feature for customers. It shows a caring attitude to browsing customers and will make them feel more inclined to browse inside. Of course for home owners a nice garden at the front of the house offers the same effect, but door awnings give that extra welcoming touch.

The aesthetics are important but there are very practical uses here too. Door awnings are proven to absorb heat from the sun, meaning that property owners do not have to rely so much on air conditioning to keep the house cool. As an addendum, awnings provide great protection from the wind, rain and other unwanted particles the environment chooses to throw at us.

Fitting awnings to the doors of your home or business is a really good idea. In tough climates doors can be prone to damage making them unsightly and can cause some harm. Awnings will save the cost of repairing or replacing your doors on a regular basis as well as the cost of air conditioning. It is also a much more cost effective way of protecting the front door than building a porch for example.

Door awnings do not just have to be applied to the front of the house as they can be fitted to patio doors, garage doors or even doors on mobile homes. These are a relatively cheap way to protect your doors and provide a good look to the home. In fact, door awnings will add value to your home so long as they are well looked after and of good quality.

PYC Awnings offer fantastic made to last door awnings that customers can purchase in a wide array of colors. These awnings are constructed with ¾” OD galvanized frames that are designed to withstand gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. Aside from the excellent quality of the awnings, they are very simple and quick to install and are available in widths of up to 240″ and a projection of 40″.

Take a browse around the PYC Awnings website to see all the colors and sizes of door awnings that are available. You will find that fitting a door awning is a great addition to the home.

Deck Awnings

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When you have an important gathering in the backyard then make sure you are protected from the weather with qualitRetractable Awningsy deck awnings. We cannot control the weather, but at least you do not have to cancel or disrupt your party or family lunch just because of the rain. With deck awnings you and your guests will be protected not only from the inconvenience of rain showers but also the heat of the midday sun.

Most of us like to make the most of the fresh air and it is so nice especially in the summer months to have breakfast out on the deck whilst reading the newspaper. It is a great way to unwind at the weekend and forget about the stresses and strains of working life.

The main consideration for your deck awning is of course staying dry or keeping cool on very hot sunny days. Deck awnings come in many different sizes and customers can purchase either manual or motorized models. Of course a motorized model is very easy to use and takes little effort to operate. However, the manual models are also easy to operate using a crank handle to extend or retract the awning cover.

Some customers may worry about motorized models and what will happen if there is a power outage. In this instance there is no need to worry as most motorized deck awnings have a manual override feature. The other great benefit of deck awnings is that you don’t have to extend them fully, so you can partially cover the space. You can also choose many different styles and colors to make your deck and indeed house that much more decorative.

From a practical point of view, arguably the most popular type of deck awnings is made from aluminum. One of the reasons for this is that aluminum awnings are the best at reflecting light away from the surface of the deck. If your deck has a particularly hot and sunny aspect then this will ensure you and your family would have a consistently cool area to sit in during the summer.

Customers looking for a more aesthetically pleasing and yet still practical type of deck awning will often opt for canvas. With canvas deck awnings you usually have a wider choice of colors and styles than the aluminum ones. However, it has to be said that aluminum will last much longer than canvas.

If you are looking to add a great feature to the home in order to protect your deck and enjoy the outdoors in virtually all weathers, then investing in an awning is cost effective and practical way to do it.

Canvas Awnings

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Canvas awnings come in so many colors, prints and patterns.awnings A good high quality awning will come with a good warranty. If the company makes a good product, they will not be afraid to offer a 10 year warranty on their canvas products. Awnings are available to fit any kind of door as well as windows. Single doors, French doors and sliding doors can all benefit from awnings.

Canvas awnings also reduce the ultra violet rays that enter the home or building. Ultra violet rays are the number one cause of skin cancer. Reducing the amount of UV ray exposure in your home or business is an important health concern. Enjoy having your windows open to light without running up the power bill or exposing yourself to the sun’s dangerous rays.

Canvas awnings can also be used to create an extra outdoor room. Sun rooms and metal covered patios or decks are much more expensive than an awning. If you enjoy the outdoors but do not want to sit in the direct sun, awnings are a great way to put more shade in your back yard. It is great for grilling, watching the kids or grandchildren play in the yard and many other activities.

Canvas awnings are also a great way to continue to sit outdoors during a brief summer shower. Instead of hopping up and dragging everything inside when it rains, stay outside and enjoy the fresh air with a nice summer rain fall. An awning is a great way to make this possible. It can also let you continue with your grilling or other activities without being interrupted by a brief shower.

Canvas awnings are durable and last a long time. When they do wear out, years down the road, you can have the canvas replaced without having to take down the entire awning. In many cases the canvas can be sealed or repaired to make it last even longer. They are a good investment in the looks, practicality and functionality of the home.

Canvas awnings can be used to decorate in addition to saving energy and blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun. Awnings can add a look of nostalgia to the architecture of the home. Many styles of home look rather straight and boxy. The addition of awnings brings all new visual features to the design of the home. It makes the house look like a home.

Canvas awnings are a fraction of the cost of other covers for patios, decks and other outdoor areas. They also make an affordable, convenient eating area in the outdoors. They will cut your cooling bills and help you to stay healthy. They also add value in the appearance and functions of your home.


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Retractable-Awning-FabricCanopies are less expensive than many other ways to cover an area. Metal buildings are expensive, and are far less attractive. They also have a lot of uses for both the home and the business. You can even get them to match umbrellas. Being outdoors is far more pleasant in the shade, and a pouring rain makes things difficult if there is no cover available to protect you.

Canopies can be placed over the entry way of a home or business. This gives benefits to people who use the door the whole year. During the winter it will keep snow and ice from accumulating at the door. It is also a good place to keep a welcome mat where people can wipe their feet. A welcome mat that is covered from the rain and snow will stay cleaner. This will keep a lot of snow and wet from being tracked indoors, ruining your carpeting or hard wood floors.

Canopies are great in the summer because they protect you from the rain while you are trying to unlock the door and go inside. They are also good for keeping the bright sun out of your eyes while you are finding your key and trying to get in the lock. It can also offer a measure of protection in the fall when the leaves are looking for places to go and hide.

Canopies can also be used over the windows of the home or business. This will reduce the energy that it takes to cool the building significantly. On west facing windows, you can cut energy costs by over 70%. This is a significant amount of savings. In addition to lowering the power bills, they can help to keep out bright sun light that is damaging to the skin. Ultra violet rays from the sun are to blame for about 9-% of the skin cancer cases. The only way to avoid this is to protect yourself from the light of the sun.

Canopies can also be used to create an inexpensive, casual outdoor sitting area. It will keep off the hot sun and will give you some protection from the rain as well. You will enjoy your outdoor areas far more when you are not sitting in the direct light of the sun or the pouring rain is keeping you indoors. It is an inexpensive alternative to other outbuildings and covers.

You can get a ten year warranty on many of the products. The canvas can be replaced when it wears out, many years from now. You can also see all of the selections they have to offer.


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retractable awning coversAn awning over a doorway or entry way is great to have any time of year. In the winter, it can prevent the buildup of snow and ice that can be annoying, slippery and dangerous. In the spring and summer, it will give you a nice place to stand in the dry out of the rain while you unlock and open the door. It will also help to keep your welcome mat dry, making it easier to wipe off your feet before you enter.

An awning over the door can keep out the wet and dirt that damage the floors. Carpets and hardwoods are both frequently damaged and worn out early when wet is blown in or tracked in through the doors. awnings are a good way to help protect the investment you have made in the floors of your home.

An awning will also block harmful ultra violet rays from the light of the sun from entering the home. This can make your home healthier, helping to prevent skin cancer. Exposure to the sun is responsible for the vast majority of skin cancer cases. Some forms of skin cancer can be life threatening. The light of the sun can also fade carpets and furniture. awnings over windows and doors helps protect your health as well as your valuable furnishings.

An awning can also be used to create an outdoor area of shade. If you want a covered patio or deck for grilling, watching the kids play in the back yard or just reading the evening newspaper, awnings are an inexpensive alternative to other covers or room additions. It will also keep you dry if a sudden shower of rain comes along. No need to pick up all of your things and run in the house if you have a cover over your outdoor sitting area.

An awning made of canvas comes in a wide selection of colors and patterns. They give a nostalgic look to almost any home or business. They have been popular for over a hundred years. If the exterior of your home is rather bland and nondescript, awnings can be the right addition to give the exterior of your home a little character.

An awning will save money on your power bill for a long time. Canvas is a very durable material. They can be put up quickly and easily by most do it yourself home owners. You can get warranties on them that will insure that they last for at least ten years. When the awnings are worn out, you can get the canvas replaced without removing the awning.


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